Summer has not yet hit us

Summer has not yet hit us, but already the hills are golden. It only takes those first few hot days for the paddocks to dry out, turning the luscious green grass into yellow strands that rustle in the wind. At this time of year, the natural waterways are a vibrant point of life, in contrast to the surrounding dryness of the oncoming summer.
Vaughn Springs is one such place, in Central Victoria. With the crispness of summer coming in from all sides, this haven exists in a valley far below, guarded by the hills. Descending down from the road, the scenery changes from brown to green; the trees shade the way and the river winds along below the foliage. It is immediately apparent what a sanctuary this is for wildlife – the birds twitter overhead and dragonflies dart between the reeds. The sound of the gushing creek is peaceful and refreshing.
I love coming to places like this, to remind myself of the contrasts nature has to offer. Somewhere so dry and seemingly desolate can hold an oasis within.
Never rule it out.
Words by Goose Girl.

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