About Kyle Larson

As a photographer I think of myself as a visual conductor.
 My business is orchestrating content
 into compelling visual media for my clients.

We create visual media to help brands communicate their ideas;
we showcase the services and products of companies;
 and we also assist individuals in preserving a specific experience, event or feeling.

At Kyle Larson Photography we do this through the execution of still images and motion.

Through consultation we discuss the clients ideas and strive to create a product that
reflects their vision. Depending on your project we can determine what is the best media for you.

My job is to preserve memories.
I capture these moments and experiences and turn
them into something tangible to reflect on.

Graduating in 2005 with a degree in Visual Journalism
was only the beginning of my journey as a photographer.

It is hard to define my photographic work, as it’s constantly evolving.
I’m always striving to capture the feeling of love and connection
between my subjects, aiming for that “Decisive Moment”.

I’ve rooted myself in still imagery all these years
but now I’m beginning to make the
transition into motion.

Depending on the assignment I will be able to
capture breathtaking still images
along with motion.

In the end my job as a photographer is to
create beautiful and unforgettable photographs
and that is what
I love to do.