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Kyle Larson is more than a wedding photographer. He’s an artist capable of capturing moments that might otherwise be lost in time. Having been practicing his craft since the age of 15, Kyle has developed an eye for finding beauty in any setting. His work as a travel photographer directly influences his wedding work, which results in photographs that contain vibrant colors, scenes from nature, and pure emotions.

Choosing your wedding photographer is no small task. The memories you make on your wedding day are important beyond measure. These are the pictures that you’ll look at in your old age as you reminisce with your spouse. The unique, the unexpected, and the memorable.



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The Candid Approach

At Kyle Larson Photography, the organic approach to photography is always preferred. In addition to taking posed photos featuring the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the family, Kyle enjoys capturing candid photographs of beautiful moments throughout the wedding. You can opt for humorous or romantic poses to remember the ceremony and reception, but rest assured that your package will include breathtaking pictures capturing quiet moments.

 Kyle Larson is truly passionate about wedding photography. He’s able to capture those often unseen moments because he spends time wandering through the ceremony and after party, observing the party as a whole and as individuals. The results are authentic, organic, and unforgettable.

When you search for “wedding photographers near me” and find Kyle Larson Photography, it’s worth spending some time with his travel photography. The clean, artistic style you see in those pictures will translate into your wedding photography. Kyle’s aesthetic is concise yet emotional. Dreamy touches of magic intermingle with eye-catching portraits of touching scenes.

International Weddings

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