Before booking a photographer, there are a few things to know about wedding photography that you should have in your back pocket. More to the point, you need to learn the truth behind the most prevailing photography myths. Don’t go into this thinking that you can hire just anyone. Lay aside your preconceived notions about the work that goes into wedding photography. Instead, learn more about what it takes to capture unforgettable moments from Kyle Larson Photography.

Anyone Can Do It

You’ve heard it before. We’ve all come across the bride and groom who insist that they don’t need to hire a professional photographer. They’re convinced that the guests will take plenty of pictures on their phones, for example, or in some cases, they provide their family and friends with disposable cameras, believing that they’ll end up with a bevy of beautiful wedding photos. Spoiler alert: that’s not what happens.

You also don’t want to be the bride (or groom) who relies on Cousin Nancy because she just bought herself a fancy new digital camera and promised to do your pictures as a wedding present. There are some things that you never want to skimp on, and your photography is one of them.

That’s one of the most important things to know about wedding photography: you get what you pay for every time. Don’t make the mistake of trying to save a dime where your pictures are concerned. Not only should you hire a professional wedding photographer, but you should also book a pro with excellent reviews and a stunning portfolio that shows off his or her experience.

It’s An Easy Job

The idea that you can save money by choosing a sub-par photographer or photography method. Of all the things to know about wedding photography, you need to understand that it’s a detail-oriented job that’s more involved than you imagine. It’s a disservice to skilled photographers to believe that their job begins and ends with taking photos. The pros have to be aware and hyper-vigilant at every second since it’s their job to capture the memorable moments, the ones that will make you tear up later as you flip through your wedding album.

Going even further, your photographer doesn’t stop working at the end of your ceremony or reception. After photographers pack up, they then have to go through all the pictures they took at your wedding. Once they select the best of the best, then they move onto editing, which takes an artistic eye and keen attention to detail. The editing process involves getting rid of imperfections, playing with lighting, and ensuring that you receive vivid photos that still appear natural and full of life.

The Bride and Groom Need a List of Poses

There are many things to know about wedding photography, and many things to forget, as well. No one knows what started the notion that an engaged couple has to come up with a list of desired shots and poses. It was probably a wedding magazine with the best of intentions, but this is terrible advice. You have enough things to worry about during the lead up to your wedding and the day of the ceremony. Stressing about how to pose with your beloved should be the least of them.

For one thing, there’s no saying that a specific shot will suit you and your bride or groom. That’s also why it’s a bad idea to bring a bunch of Pinterest ideas to your photographer. Each couple is uniquely different. Your wedding photos should emphasize how one-of-a-kind the two of you are. Although you might see beautiful shots in various places, the most you should do is use them as inspiration.

Instead, hand over the reins to your wedding photographer. He or she knows what works. You can certainly discuss your ideas and mention a few ideas that inspire you but don’t have your heart set on anything in particular, and don’t feel like you have to compile a list of must-have shots.

We hope that learning the most important things to know about wedding photography will help you as you select a photographer for your special day. Remember to thank Uncle Fred for his offer to photograph your wedding, but let him know that you’re going with a pro.