There are several crucial questions to ask your wedding photographer as you meet to see whether you’re the right fit for each other. Begin with the fundamentals, such as the photographer’s overall aesthetic, time management skills, and knowledge of the area where you’re getting married. Kyle Larson Photography has a helpful checklist that can get you started.

Ask about the Photographer’s Style

When you have your eye on a photographer, you probably already have an idea of his or her style. However, the first questions to ask your wedding photographer revolve around his or her aesthetic. Many photographers are versatile. They can tailor their aesthetic to the wedding, the venue, and the couple. For example, Kyle Larson has roots in photojournalism, but he’s also an accomplished nature photographer. The combination results in an edgy but whimsical style of wedding photography that emphasizes romance and candid, true-to-life moments.

The best way to get to know a photographer’s style is to view his or her portfolio, which you should be able to find on the shutterbug’s professional website. Wedding photographers often showcase different a variety of ceremonies to advertise their ability to shoot a diverse array of weddings. Often, you can Google a particular photographer to gain access to reviews from happy customers, along with additional pictures.



Discuss Possible Packages

You know what you want in terms of wedding photos. Put together a list of package-related questions to ask your wedding photographer to get exactly what you want. Most photographers offer an assortment of packages. For instance, Kyle Larson Photography gives couples the option of booking an engagement shoot with a wedding package. You can also select a package with a wedding album for the happy couple, along with albums for the immediate family. While you’re at it, you can ask potential photographers if you can see examples of their wedding albums. You need to know what kind of bang you get for your buck.

It’s not uncommon to find wedding photographers who are flexible about their package options. That should be one of the questions you include as you interview possible candidates. There’s no reason to pay for elements that you don’t want. Because they recognize that each couple is unique with one-of-a-kind needs, many photographers either offer well-rounded packages or allow clients to select the services they want in an a la carte approach. Use this opportunity to ask about price, as well.

Chat about the Schedule

Understandably, couples want to control what they can on their wedding day. What they can’t control, they want to plan. Think about scheduling questions to ask your wedding photographer. A professional photographer has time management down to a science, which allows him or her to work with what you have on the docket, too. Depending on your photographer’s style and preferences, he or she may be keen to get the early morning light or to stage parts of the shoot during the golden hour. Discuss the pros and cons of taking pictures before versus after the ceremony, as well.

Inquire about the Final Proofs

No one wants to wait an eternity for their wedding proofs. No photographer wants to make you wait forever, either, but sometimes, heavy workloads and popularity dictate long wait times. Inquire about when you’ll receive the proofs of your photos. In general, three weeks to a month is the norm. While you’re at it, find out whether the pictures come on a CD, a flash drive, or as digital files.

Start with a basic list of questions to ask your wedding photographer, then include details that are important to you and your partner. At Kyle Larson Photography, chatting with potential clients is both a pleasure and an essential part of the photography process, so inquire about booking today.