I’ve made it to Australia. It’s been almost a month now. We spent a few days in the city exploring Melbourne.

Central Victoria is about 140k Northwest of Melbourne by train, passing through grazing cattle and sheep the ride up to the country is quite pleasant.  This particular photo is of Eucalyptus Camaldulensis, river red gum, which is native to Australia.
The gum tree is referred to as “The Widow Maker”, as they are known to drop large branches without warning.

Even though they seem to be a bit dangerous I still find them beautiful. I can’t help stopping to admire them.

Its time for reflection. It seems I’m finally getting caught up with all my work from the previous few months.
It is quite interesting to plan for something and to think it will all go as previously imagined. But that is life I suppose. You can never really plan to far in the future as you can’t really control what is out of your power.



It’s like I’m with you. Have a beer for me.

You are always with me 🙂 Will be seeing you around Mr

Love the stuff recently Kyle, keep em coming

Thank you sir. Hope you are well and that we can meet up sometime in the not too distant future.