Adam + Chloe


Seattle wedding photographer



We’re sharing one frame from Adam + Chloe’s super intimate small backyard wedding. What a day! The ceremony and reception was all held at Adam + Chloe’s beautiful home. It was such an intimate day shared only with close family and friends. This is a favorite bride and groom photo from that day.

Earlier on in my career, when I started to pursue photography seriously, I realized something. I realized that a genuine and open curiosity, coupled with a gentle nature, people will open their homes and lives to you.

Traveling all over the world, I’ve been so fortunate to have been taken into family’s homes, fed, and looked after at small backyard weddings and larger events alike.

It’s not the camera that allows this, but what we project. I’ve gone a bit off topic here, but I’m just reflecting on how this has allowed me to share and be a part of so many amazing couples experience, who welcome me into their lives and homes to document their wedding.

Thank you to all who have allowed me to pursue this career.