I want to invite you to learn about my creative process for photography. A step-by-step sneak peek so that you can see how I bring my vision to life. What does a wedding photographer do to make each wedding unforgettable? 

Meeting with the Happy Couple

For me, the creative process of photography has to begin with the couple who wants to get married. Although the photographer’s vision plays a part in every photo shoot, the day revolves around two souls who love each other and want to tether their lives together. Getting to know my client is paramount.

That’s why I always begins with a request to get together with the couple. FaceTime and Skype allow me to chat with my engaged couples who can’t meet face to face, but I love scheduling a meet and greet at local cafes and restaurants, as well. I find that you can learn more about people when you’re eye-to-eye. That’s especially true with brides and grooms. Seeing them interact with each other helps to inspire my ideas for engagement and wedding shoots. During this time, I get to know as much as possible by asking leading questions about how long the you’ve been together, how you met, and what you like to do with each other. 

Brainstorming Together

What does a wedding photographer do to find out what his clients want? I like to brainstorms with them. After spending some time chatting and learning about each individual’s vibe, I focus on what the couple expects from their photo shoots. I ask them about their ideal visions or, if they’re unsure, about their ideas in general. Incorporating the desires of the bride and groom is essential. It’s their day. Once we build rapport with the couple, I begin to have a significant understanding of their likes, dislikes, and desires. If need be, I can steer them in a new direction or build upon the visions that they share with him. Three heads are better than one, after all.

Discussing Engagement Photos

Not all couples are interested in an engagement shoot, but many are. Couples often use engagement photos to send out announcements or save-the-dates for their upcoming wedding. It’s the first chance their friends and family have to see the “official” couple after the question has been popped. Engagement photos are more low-key when compared to wedding photos, which can give both the couple and myself the opportunity to be playful and whimsical.

Scouting Out Photography Locations

Part of the creative process of photography for KLP involves looking beyond the ordinary to find places to take wedding pictures. Once upon a time, brides and grooms resigned themselves to having photos taken somewhere near the grounds of the venue or the reception, but what’s the fun in that? Here is where my adventurous spirit comes into play. I may suggest out-of-the-box locations in the same area as the main venue. In fact, I may offer up more than one. With couples who aren’t familiar with the Pacific Northwest or the Bay Area, Kyle shares a plethora of insider knowledge about breathtaking spots that can capture the spirit of the couple and their feelings for one another.

Basing Photos on the Bride and Groom


What does a wedding photographer do to keep things fresh and one-of-a-kind? I focus on the couple rather than the traditional wedding poses. All too often, wedding photos can look staged and stiff, mainly because they are. In lieu of the standard poses, I like to choose to capture photos that likewise capture the essence of the couples. Active couples star in action shots. Funny couples receive pictures with a humorous slant. If you had a fairy tale romance, I can get that vibe on film, as well. I instruct the couples to act like themselves and even shoots the adorably awkward moments and unexpected gestures because they frequently make the most memorable photographs.

Getting Candid

Candid photographs are among my favorite to shoot.  One of the reasons that I enjoy wedding photography is because of the freedom it provides. I’m in a position where I can snap pictures of the most sentimental moments, the beautiful ones, and even the funny ones. During the ceremony, for example, my creative process for photography involves shooting pictures of the scenes that no one wants to miss but few people see, such as the tears in a father’s eyes as he walks his daughter down the aisle, or the look on the groom’s face as his wife-to-be reads her vows.

There’s even more fun to be had at the reception. I like to slip under the radar, which allows me to take pictures without anyone even realizing it. I enjoy wandering around the venue, as well, to snap photos of the table settings, the signs, the decor, and any interesting features of the landscape.

Inquire within about booking KLP today so that you can share in the creative process of the photography for your wedding.