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It’s little wonder why one of the biggest up-and-coming wedding trends involves buying 2 wedding dresses, not just one. Having two dresses opens up a wide world of opportunities, all of them magical. Many modern brides opt for a more affordable dress to star at the altar, which allows them to snag a second dress for the reception. If you’re on the fence about this trend, then let Kyle Larson Photography convince you.

Cover Girl at the Altar, Comfortable on the Dance Floor

Brides who plan elaborate weddings want to have all eyes on them at the altar. That’s why women are so willing to spend dozens of hours and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, shopping for a showstopper of a gown. The problem is that those stunning wedding dresses aren’t always practical after the ceremony. Who wants to pose for photos and dance the night away in a cumbersome cupcake dress with layers of crinoline and tulle?

That’s one reason why the latest wedding trends encourage brides to look for two dresses. That way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Splash out down the aisle in a fancy, intricate gown—that’s within your budget, of course—then head to the after-party in a white, cream, or blush party dress that’s just a bit more casual. Still not convinced? Meghan Markle perfected this strategy last year when she married Prince Harry in a sweeping church gown with a detailed veil, then hit the reception at Frogmore House in an alluring halter gown that evening. At the very least, choose a second dress that offers breathability and freedom of movement when you need it most.

Two Times the Photo Ops

To piggyback off the title, you can’t ignore the benefit of double the photo ops when you splurge on 2 wedding dresses. Just let your wedding photographer know about your plans so that he or she can adjust the timeline and prep for another set of pictures. Kyle Larson Photography embraces this trend because it’s easy to schedule a photoshoot featuring the main dress before or just after the ceremony, and then to schedule a second one right before the reception. Even better, the behind-the-scenes shots can highlight two gorgeous dresses instead of one.

Show Off Your Versatile Style

Sometimes—not always, but sometimes—a bride feels pressure as she chooses her wedding dress. It comes from all sides. Her mother may have an opinion, along with her sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends. In other scenarios, brides are torn between different wedding trends for dresses.

Treating yourself to two dresses is the perfect compromise. You have the chance to show off your formal style (or to please your family members), but then you can splash out in something edgy or sexy as your second dress. It’s your big day. You deserve it all.

Every Bride Needs a Party Dress

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Dancing around in a full-out wedding gown is difficult, if not impossible. Forget about going to the bathroom or taking a deep breath. Rather than subjecting yourself to feeling overheated and uncomfortable when you just want to rock out with your new spouse, take a few moments after the ceremony to shimmy into a party dress. Buying 2 wedding dresses gives you the chance to splash out and have fun. Your second dress doesn’t have to be casual or risque, but consider a piece with a shorter hemline and a comfortable fit.

From Long to Short

Speaking of short dresses, they’re one of the most popular wedding trends going right now. In fact, a growing number of designers are creating convertible wedding dresses wherein a long, full skirt can be removed to reveal something short and sassy. A shorter dress is less dramatic than the gown you wear at the altar, but you can still find a statement-maker that will pop in pictures and stun on the dance floor.

Cool Down into Something Chic

However you go about picking out 2 wedding dresses, rest assured that your second dress can still be chic. Whether you select a short, white cocktail dress, a vintage-inspired midi dress, or a flowing yet fitted Boho sundress for a beach wedding, your number two can—and should—be just as on-point as the featured frock. All you need to do is buy a dress that will help you cool down and chill out after all the excitement of exchanging vows and telling your beloved, “I do.”

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