Film Photography Image #1


Film photography image #1

Over the course of the coming months and hopefully from here on out I’ll be digging deep into the archives here at Kyle Larson Photography. I’ll try my best to talk about each image, where it was taken and when.

I also will talk about why I chose to share it with everyone. As a full time photographer it sometime becomes a bit overwhelming at times. Images become forgotten and buried deep into the digitized world.

For me I’m always on the look out visually for moments when outdoors but also when I’m strolling through the computer. I must admit at times I go through and relive these images and stories but I want to share them or get them out there and don’t really know when I should.

I’m worried they won’t fit in with the current edit or theme of my current work.

Heres to the past and to the future to looking back and getting nostalgic for a time that was.  Heres to the art of creating images no matter how it was done. Here is to film photography and the beginning, a time when I fell in love with the camera. With searching out the unknown and following nothing but your whim. But most of all here is to sticking it out. Following a desire that is indescribable and to taking your own time to self discovery and fulfillment.

And to staying true to your creative side, following your heart and to the continuing pursuit of personal growth through.

This particular image was taken almost 20 years ago now. Its hard to imagine that. If I remember correctly it was taken while driving somewhere near New Mexico.

What draws me into this image is the movement and the way the white speckles appears on both sides of the image.
I know for sure the white on the left side is from a reflection but what is happening over on the right side is beyond me.