You get 36 frames per role.

In the beginning before digital photography and all the electronically powered computers and hard drives that is now associated with photography we used to shoot film. As a photographer learning to take photos with film took dedication and patience. To grow and get better pre digital took years and not to mention a lot of money.

Film Photography

I first handled a camera when I was 15 years old. I started out shooting B&W film for a photography class in High School. My teacher was an inspiration and I soon lost interest in most everything else in life. Photography had me hooked. I was obsessed and I knew then that I was going to be a photographer. Looking back now at all the years it took to get where I am now I’d never thought the one consistent aspect in my life would be photography. Through the countless jobs, heartaches, break ups and travels in the past 20 years I’ve always used the camera to express myself. To be a photographer has enabled me to somehow find an imaginary equilibrium in this mad and crazy world we live in.

kyle larson photography film


I’ve decided to go through and share my earlier work as a photographer and the process of shooting film.