We love your photography! What can we do to make you our wedding photography contact?

Thank you! Kyle Larson Photography would love to talk with you about your wedding. We want to hear all about your love story, as well. Just send us a message so that we can schedule a time to connect via Facetime, Skype, or in person. During the visit, we can discuss wedding photographer rates and talk about the options available. Having a chat will also allow us to see how we get on with each other.

What’s the most important thing to consider when deciding on a wedding photographer?

The connection is the most vital aspect of choosing a photographer for your wedding. You need to have a rapport with the photographer, and the photographer should vibe with you, as well.

That rule of thumb is definitely true for Kyle Larson Photography. We always want to connect with our potential clients. Getting along and developing trust will ensure an effortless, smooth wedding day. You’ll feel relaxed in spite of the hectic nature of the day. You’re also less likely to pay attention to people snapping your picture when you least expect it.

A relationship between the photographer and the couple is essential. We’re going to be spending a significant chunk of your big day together!

Where are you based?

Kyle Larson Photography is based in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.
We’re also based in Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

What is your photography background?

In short, Kyle of Kyle Larson Photography has been taking pictures for 20 years. That background includes a degree in photojournalism and experience working on documentaries, feature films, commissioned portraits, and commercial photography.

What can you tell me about your gear?

Currently, we use the LEICA M240, along with the LEICA SL. All of our lenses are LEICA prime:


What are your wedding photographer rates?

Our wedding photographer are standard for the experience you receive as well as the area. That being said, rates vary depending on individual couples and their unique vision. Drop us a message so that we can figure out what’s what together.

Do you ever travel abroad to shoot wedding?

Yes. We are an international wedding photography contact. We’ve shot weddings in the PNW and California. We’ve also done weddings in Melbourne, Australia.

Do you offer any other services, such as engagement photos or wedding albums?

Yes, you can book a session for an engagement shoot (aka a pre-wedding shoot.) You also have the option of choosing a photography package that includes our fine art wedding album. The album can be purchased after the wedding as well. In addition, ask about parent albums designed for your family and close friends.

When will we get our wedding pictures? How many of them do we receive?

Your photographs should be finished 3-5 weeks after your wedding. Albums may take an additional three weeks to allow for print time. You can access your photographs online in our proofing gallery, where you can build your wedding album and share it. The number of photographs you receive depends on the length and size of the wedding itself, but they average between 400-1200 beautifully edited pictures.

How can we book you?

It’s easy! Send an inquiry with the date of your wedding to find out if it’s available. If the wedding photographer rates meet your approval, then we can send you our service agreement right away. Otherwise, we can plan a way to connect first.

Can we meet before the ceremony?

Absolutely! We’re always up for a Skype chat or an in-person meeting.

What comes with the wedding package?

In addition to carefully selected and edited photographs that are perfectly sized and ready to be printed, you will also receive any albums that you’ve ordered.

Who retains copyrights and the publishing rights?

Our wedding packages include a shared copyright. That means that we can use your photos for marketing purposes. This means they may appear on our blog, social media sites, or in print media. You can purchase the exclusive rights to your photos if you wish. Otherwise, you’re free to share them with your loved ones and on social media.

What is the deposit and when should we pay it?

We ask for a  $1,000.00 deposit, which is non-refundable. It’s advisable to pay as soon as you can so that you can secure your wedding date. The rest of the payment is due to us at least one week before your wedding.

Do you use a second photographer?

Sometimes we do. We base it on the size and complexity of the wedding. Generally, we use assistants when necessary.

Can I buy an album after my wedding day?

Yes, that’s no problem. You can either buy a package that includes an album or order it after.


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