Hiking up to Lions Head

Priest Lake

Lions Head is apart of the Selkirk range that runs through the north and south of Priest lake, Idaho.
Most of this area in the Selkirk ranges feature massive granite boulders.

Lions Head is made of two summits know as the West and East Peaks.

Priest Lake is located up in the northern pan handle of Idaho tucked away nicely
away from most of the world.

Early memories from when I was young come from this beautiful Lake.
A lot of swimming earlier on was to be had in the summer months and then we started to explore the mountains in the surrounding area as I got older.

Over the years the visits have become less frequent but memories seem to stay ignited deep within and there are always chances to make new ones.

The last time around we decided to hike up to Lions Head.
My guide happened to be my crazy cousin who for some reason is the only person I know who can still kick my ass when it comes to physical endeavors.

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