Where It Began

Let me start of by saying hello and thanking you for wandering over this way. I’m thrilled that you found Kyle Larson Photography. To start, I’d like to introduce myself and take a moment to explain where I’ve come from and how I got here.

Back in the ’90s, during the days of analog film and The Kingdome, Seattle was my stomping ground and my soundtrack was a selection of grunge tunes and the Grateful Dead. It was then that an amazing high school teacher turned my attention to photography. That introduction was all it took.

My teacher first introduced me to black and white photography. She taught me the skills that the best wedding photographers should have even if they rely on digital cameras. I learned how to shoot film and develop my own photographs in the darkroom. It was during this time that I discovered the work of Bruce Davidson, Henri Cartier Bresson, and Robert Capa of Magnum  — photographers whose work still inspires me to this day.

The 2000s saw me experimenting with digital photography as I played around on the early Internet, traveled extensively, and ultimately attended college where I earned a degree in Visual Journalism. I graduated in 2005, and that year was the start of Kyle Larson Photography.

I spent the early years of my career on a photojournalism project, but the foundation for Kyle Larson Photography was already laid. Even as we took on other journalism projects, we began to commission more and more jobs for commercial photography. As freelance photographers, we also started to book wedding jobs.

The rest, as they say, is history.

In the end, our job as a photographer is to create beautiful and unforgettable photographs, and that is what we love to do.

The Kyle Larson Aesthetic

Kyle Larson’s experience in photography and photo journalism makes him one of the best wedding photographers around, but his experience isn’t the only thing that makes him stand out. Kyle has an aesthetic that’s drawn to candid moments and organic scenes. His camera captures the expressions and gestures that go unnoticed. A loving glance, an unstudied kiss, a tear running down a cheek — he’s all about the finer details. As a benefit of being a freelance photographer, Kyle Larson has the freedom to travel to the weddings he’s inspired to shoot.

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About Us

Are you looking for the best wedding photographer to capture the most meaningful moments of your big day? Consider choosing Kyle Larson Photographer to do the honors. The beauty of working with a freelance photographer like Kyle is that he has the freedom to travel to any location to take unforgettable pictures of your wedding. Whether you’re choosing to elope on another continent or having a backyard wedding, Kyle Larson will immortalize the scenes you might miss in all of the hustle and bustle of the ceremony and reception. Discover the artful eye that makes Kyle stand out from other wedding photographers and find out more about his unique aesthetic.