There is something about visiting a place like Leh. For one thing there is really no other environment like it in the world.
At 11,483 feet Leh is situated in northern India which is apart of the Kashmir region.  It feels as if you are on another planet.

Reaching some of the highest elevations the landscape offers a glimpse into the evolution of time.  The harsh but beautiful landscape is relentless, quiet and yet calming.

Spending a little over a week there I ventured up to Tsomoriri lake on a Royal Enfield 500 Bullet navigating alongside the
Indus river. As your ridding along with the river on one side of you and the barren country sides on the other it quickly humbles you.

Life here can be harsh but yet everywhere I went I did not feel that from the encounters I had with the local people.  Warm and inviting these people have lived amongst some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever witnessed.

Enjoy the video and please let me know what you think.
I recommend putting on some headphones and viewing in HD on a big screen.
Edited by my super talented brother
Joseph Assi.


Absolute truth……the artistic talent in both visual and editorial are you both who are in tune to the divine consciousness……surreal, beauty in in its purest sense. This literally took my breath away and brought me to tears. Carry on sweet souls.

Thank you for the kind words cousin. Hope all is good down there in the south lands. K

Wow, just wow! So wonderful Kyle

Thank you Sarah. I can’t wait to come and make some films about Australia.

Excellent… you are very talented.

Take care of yourself.


Oh well thank you Debora! Hope you are well. I’ll try and stop by while I’m here and see you ladies.

Very well done

WOW JUST FANTASTIC!! I loved the wind throughout the video, it really captures the harshness of the climate but the calm beauty of the surrounding land. Great time lapse Kyle!!! With the rain drops and the blue cloud sky. What is the story behind all the flags? Are those written prayers for there God or something?

Thanks Blair. Ya it is crazy being in a place that seems so harsh, the environment. The wind and temperature get to you for sure but its all worth it. Actually that was snow that was falling so amazing! They are prayer flags which are used to promote peace and compassion. Tibetans believe prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind spreading good will.