My approach to wedding photography

With over 20 years behind the lens traveling the world and a degree in photojournalism our approach to wedding photography is natural and organic. Weddings are full of so much emotion and joy and we love witnessing and documenting these moments. We also pay close attention to all the little details that go into creating your perfect wedding day.

Our wedding photography is a mixture of candid storytelling and fine art photography which helps showcase your beautiful day. We aren’t really into posing our couples instead we try and allow everyone to be themselves. Each wedding day is entirely unique and so depending on the day, weather and location we like to play with the light composing our images with the surroundings with our newly weds.

Wedding photography is like searching for all the beautiful moments that are happening. The guests interacting with one another, moments between the bride and groom. Also we find the best places at your venue to photograph at your wedding. Every place has a story to tell and with these details documented they help showcase the beauty of its history and your story.

Our work doesn’t stop once your wedding day is done. Each wedding I photograph is professionally edited and mastered by myself. I spend time carefully crafting and finalizing each image. We use editing simply as a tool to help enhance your wedding images. This is my documentary wedding photography approach in Melbourne. We create bright and colourful images that are the closest representation to your Melbourne wedding day.


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