Sailor Wedding

It was probably the Sailor’s wedding back in Seattle that allowed me to photograph a wedding as a photojournalist for the first time.

This was back in 2005.

The art of documenting life in all its organic manner is powerful and a natural way to document your wedding day.

With years of working on photo documentaries has enabled us to capture the “decisive moment”.

This particular image is especially important to me. It represents everything I so passionately believe what a photograph means and the value it can hold. I was on my way to the photo lab in Seattle after shooting a wedding the day before. As I was driving by I saw this young kid dressed in his sailor uniform with his friends. I hesitated for a moment but decided I wanted to see what was going on.  I pulled off the road and headed back. Matt was 18 years old and on leave. He didn’t have much money but that didn’t matter because he was in love and was marrying the girl of his dreams. I talked with him for a few minutes and told him I was a professional photographer. I asked if I could take some pictures for him. It turned out that they didn’t have a photographer to document their wedding. The wedding was taking place in a music hall where once Miles Davis had played. All I had was 1 role of film loaded in my Leica M6 with me. So I set out to take 36 images for this kid Sailor and his beautiful bride.

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