The tickets were not available for our train which was heading to Bangkok quite yet.  It was pushing 40 degrees and we just had come overland from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
The trip would take 6 hours during the hottest part of the day and yet somehow I always find myself preferring  the train.

There is something peaceful about the rocking motion of the train along the steel tracks.
It’s loud and the technology is fairly old at that but yet its perhaps the most useful mode of transportation in the world.

Seated across from us was a young boy who pretty much kept to himself the entire time.
Passengers would come and go along the way to Bangkok but this boy didn’t move the entire time it seemed.


I did dose off once or twice from the heat.
When it gets too hot there is nothing left to do except, rest.
The window was open but with the dust and heat it wasn’t much of a pleasurable experience.

Sometimes there are moments you get to witness in a person’s life without really knowing at the time how significant it was.

This boy though who was seated across from us was becoming a man without really knowing it.
I only really saw this a few days later after riding the train to Bangkok from the Cambodian boarder
when I was going through the images.

I stopped at this one of the boy looking through the window out onto the horizon.

Even though the country side was passing by in a blur if we can focus out on a particular point then we can see clearly.