Wedding photography pricing

When you’re looking at the cost for your wedding photography, it’s worth keeping in mind that good full time Seattle wedding photographers all charge around the same price.
You should expect to pay anywhere from $2,395 to $7,500 for a day of quality wedding photography. This price reflects the operating expenses of running a freelance business along with time and the final product delivered to the client.

Finished and edited images will also be included in this price. There also might be some items you may want to include in your wedding photography package, such as fine art wedding albums, prints, and engagement sessions.

My wedding photography prices are also based on the amount of time it takes to edit a batch of photographs. For me, a single wedding usually requires at least 40 hours of work to sort through the images we take at the wedding. This work includes making color adjustments, uploading the photos to the proof site, designing the wedding album, and more.

The best part is shooting the wedding for sure! However, there is also a lot of work the happens leading up to the big day. This work might be corresponding between clients, answering emails, or working out the logistics of the wedding day. Your wedding photographer costs will include all of this behind the scenes work.


My wedding photography pricing

My rates start at $1,695 for elopements. My wedding photography pricing is straightforward and I try and keep it simple. I like to start with a general framework of what my clients are typically looking for in wedding photography packages. Of course, every client is different, and understanding this allows me to work closely with you to build custom packages for your wedding.

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Typical Wedding timeline:

– Allow at least 60 minutes for the “getting-ready” photography.

– 60 minutes to 2 hours with your bridal party is ideal. Depending on where the wedding ceremony is taking place locations can be at the venue or if the wedding is taking place in the city finding a favourite place you love to visit can always be a great place to start.

– 30-60 minutes for family photos works well, but it depends on the size of the family.

– 30-60 minutes for the ceremony is the general guideline. However, you should allow for extra time even if you plan on having a short 15-minute ceremony.

– 60 minutes for the cocktail hour. This is a great time to slip away and get a quiet moment together.

-60-120 minutes for dinner and toasts.

-30-60 minutes for first dance. From our experience, this is when the schedule is usually running a bit behind.

– Dancing. This can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on what you have planned.

As you can see from this timeline, if you’re looking to capture all of the key moments on your wedding day, you’re looking at 7 to 9 hours of photography coverage. Contact us to discuss your plans for your wedding and we can come up with a wedding photographer cost estimate that’s right for you.


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